It looked like the #MeToo movement was losing steam, until Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Ronan Farrow came out with another bombshell report, detailing disturbing allegations against Les Moonves, the chairman and chief executive officer of CBS. Moonves was already the target of a misconduct investigation over previous reports of sexually inappropriate behavior. But Farrow’s latest report in The New Yorker, detailing accounts from six women who accuse the executive of unwanted kissing, touching, physical violence and forcible sexual acts, was the last straw — prompting Moonves’ resignation, possibly without compensation. And though he has denied any wrongdoing, Moonves and CBS will donate $20 million to organizations that support gender equality and the #MeToo movement.

So, is Moonves’ resignation a sign that the #MeToo movement is here to stay? And what is it about Farrow's reporting that has an armor piercing quality to take down men seen as too protected or too powerful to fail? Tina Opie, an associate professor of management at Babson College, Jen Deadrick, author of “She The People,” and conservative columnist Jennifer Braceras joined Jim Braude to discuss.