Former Mueller Colleagues On Whether Cohen Plea, Manafort Verdict Put Trump In Legal Jeopardy
After more than a year of investigation, interviews and indictments, President Donald Trump has been implicated in a federal criminal case set in motion by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Yesterday, his former fixer and personal attorney, Michael Cohen, pled guilty to campaign finance violations. Minutes later, a jury found former Trump Campaign Chair Paul Manafort guilty of eight counts of tax fraud, bank fraud and hiding foreign bank accounts. So what does this all really mean for the president? Adam Reilly, in for Jim Braude, was joined by attorney Bruce Singal, who worked alongside Mueller in the U.S. Attorney’s office in Boston and was named 2017 Mass Lawyers Weekly's lawyer of the year, and former Assistant U.S. Attorney Dan Small, who has worked with both Robert Mueller and Rudy Giuliani.

Robert Reich: 'We're Going To Have Another Progressive Era'
It may be a tough sell for some, but former Labor Secretary Robert Reich argues there was a time in the not-too-distant past when America was defined by a dedication to the needs of all its people — not just those with the most money or the loudest voices. Perhaps crazier yet, Reich's believes we might be able to get back to that point. His latest book, “The Common Good” lays out the case. He recently joined Jim Braude to talk about it.

Lori McKenna Talks Fame, Family And Sings From Her New Album, 'The Tree'
Stoughton, Massachusetts native and two-time Grammy and CMA award-winner Lori McKenna recently joined Jim Braude ahead of her new CD release titled “In The Tree.” The album, she says, takes a long look at family, including a song dedicated to her 83-year-old father.