Does Trump’s Culture Of Lies Trickle Down To The American People?
For President Donald Trump, lying appears to be second nature. But how is this culture of misinformation affecting the American people? Holly LeCraw, a local novelist and founder of the Newton chapter of “Indivisible,” a Trump resistance movement; Jen Deaderick, a local writer currently working on an illustrated history of women’s citizenship; and Michael Jeffries, a sociologist and an associate professor of American Studies at Wellesley College, joined Jim Braude to discuss.

Dukakis Warns Democrats Exaggerating Ocasio-Cortez Victory Is 'A Serious Mistake'
Former Massachusetts Governor and Democratic Candidate for President Michael Dukakis joined Jim Braude to talk politics, the state of the T and more.

Amid Recent Drownings, Massachusetts Pools And Beaches Hope To Attract More Lifeguards
What could be better than a summer spent along the water? Well apparently, kids these days don't see the lure like they used to. With a current nationwide lifeguard shortage in a critical time and seven drownings in one week in the Boston area alone earlier this month, Stephanie Leydon has more on what pools and beaches are doing to attract some to the profession.

IMHO: The Student Loan Crisis Is Not A Game (Show)
Jim Braude shares his thoughts on the game show “Paid Off,” which is doing what the government isn’t: addressing the student loan crisis.