Can you imagine eating fish every meal for a year? Not every week or every day, every meal. Well, author and fisherman Paul Greenberg actually did it. It all started with omega-3 fish oil pills and an insomnia-fueled Google search and, as he put it, "a quiet murmur of dread over the nature of middle age." After his 47th birthday, with the big 50-right around the corner, he set out to see how much omega-3 we really need, whether those supplements actually do what they say they do, and how the health of the ocean affects our own health. It all led him to eating more than a thousand pieces of fish, examining the very nature of the American food system, and discovering the ocean-ravaging practice of fish reduction along the way.

He covered it all in his new book, “The Omega Principle: Seafood and the Quest for a Long Life and Healthier Planet,” and joined Jim Braude to discuss. Greenberg has also written "Four Fish" and "American Catch," and was featured in the Frontline episode: "The Fish On My Plate."