Just in time for July Fourth, Amazon has removed from its website red, white and blue kids’ sneakers with Nazi images that were available via a third-party vendor.

WGBH News was alerted to the shoes by someone who was searching for patriotic clothing for her children. The shoes, bearing a swastika amid a field of stars and stripes, appeared among an array of other red, white, and blue designs from the same vendor, called Ander.

A second pair have a design with an eagle that is similar in appearance to the emblem of the Nazi party. Ander’s other shoe offerings do not appear to contain any objectionable designs or imagery.

Contacted about the shoes by WGBH News, Amazon said the item was taken down.

Amazon has faced criticism in the past for insufficiently vetting third-party sellers and their products that are offered for sale through Amazon’s website.

This post was updated after Amazon removed the items from its site.