The New York Police Department is reportedly investigatingnew charges of sexual assault against Mario Batali.

This news comes in the wake of a “60 Minutes” interview that included a different woman’s testimony of an assault by the celebrity chef.

Food writer Corby Kummer joined Boston Public Radio to talk about the accusations. He said before news of the charges broke, Batali was trying to potentially find a way into a new industry.

“He was meeting people in New York to find out, ‘What other careers can I have?’” said Kummer. “If these charges wind up to be proven, it will be very hard for him to have any role in public life whatsoever.”

A woman told police that Batali drugged and sexually assaulted her in 2004. A different woman told “60 Minutes” that Batali raped her in 2005.

“Women need to be listened to,” Kummer said. “It takes enormous courage to bring these charges and to come forward.”

Batali denies the accusations.

His behavior also came under scrutiny earlier this year after he was accused of sexual harassment, along with restaurateur Ken Friedman, at their restaurant The Spotted Pig.

Food writer Corby Kummer is a senior editor at The Atlantic, a columnist at The New Republic and a restaurant critic. To hear his interview in its entirety, click on the audio player above.