We all know President Donald Trump loves to win and lately, as much as some might not want to admit, things are going his way. For example, earlier today, when he announced that three American prisoners held in North Korea have been freed ahead of his summit with dictator Kim Jong-un. And yesterday, when he closed the books on a longtime campaign promise: dumping the Iran nuclear deal.

Plus, last night's U.S. Senate primary in West Virginia played out in his favor, too. Voters rejected Don Blankenship, a former coal executive and ex-convict, just as Trump said they should on Twitter. All this, of course, comes as Trump's legal troubles pile up — the latest involving his lawyer and accusations of accepting money from a Russian oligarch with ties to President Putin.

Despite those developments in the Russia investigation, is it time for his critics to concede some credit on the foreign policy front? Jim Braude was joined by Heather Cox Richardson, Boston College historian, Lylah Alphonse, managing editor of US News and World Report and Joe Malone, former state treasurer and Trump supporter.