Moderates Battle For The Future Of The Republican Party
The fight for the soul of the Grand Old Party is heating up and, this week, two men have stepped up to fight for it — Arizona Senator John McCain and former Republican governor-turned-Libertarian Bill Weld. Is there any room for new views in our strictly red and blue political world? Jim Braude was joined by Virginia Buckingham, former Massport CEO, and chief of staff for Governor’s Bill Weld and Paul Cellucci, and Steve Kerrigan, former CEO of the Democratic National Convention and President of Obama's Inaugural Committee.

After A Decade Of Defying Expectations, Razia’s Ray Of Hope School Celebrates 10 Years Educating Girls in Afghanistan
The Zabuli Education Center is celebrating its tenth year in operation, educating girls in Afghanistan. Jim Braude was joined by Razia Jan, the founder and president of Razia’s Ray of Hope Foundation and an Afghan native who settled in Massachusetts after the Russian invasion of Afghanistan, and Patti Quigley, executive director of the foundation whose husband, Patrick, was a passenger on United Flight 175 — the second plane to hit the World Trade Center on 9/11— to discuss.

Fantastical, Political
For centuries, art and politics have gone hand-in-hand — pushing us to take a hard look at the world around us, and the freedoms and excesses we take for granted. As Arts Editor Jared Bowen shows us, The Fitchburg Art Museum's Fantastical, Political exhibit follows in those footsteps and more.

IMHO: “Good Guys With Guns” Are Not The Answer
Jim Braude shares his thoughts on the many incidents tied to well-trained, so-called “good guys with guns” and the lack of gun control action from the president.