Conversation about Synergy exhibit

Back in June, I spoke with Whitney Bernstein and Michael McMahon about their nascent artist-scientist collaborative, Synergy. The project has now reached fruition; eight artist-scientist teams have produced science-inspired works of art that will be shown at Boston's Museum of Science starting February 16th.

The exhibit spans media from music to abstract video, from sculpture to painting. Each work of art is as unique as the artist-scientist team that came together to create it.

The vagaries of those working relationships - what drew them to each other, the challenges they faced, and the sometimes surprising rewards they reaped from their collaborations - are as interesting to me as the final products, as gorgeous and intriguing as they are. Fortunately, those behind-the-scenes stories are the subject of a series of audio slideshows produced by Ari Daniel Shapiro (who, yes, has also appeared on Living Lab). Here's one of my favorites:

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