March Madness wraps up this week as top college basketball players compete for the coveted NCAA championship. Some of the most talented collegiate players will go on to join the pros in the NBA — and while it's likely they want to play like superstars LeBron James, Jason Tatum and Stephen Curry, to name a few, more and more it appears they also want to dress like them.

"There was a lot of resistance at first," Mitchell S. Jackson, author of "Fly: The Big Book of Basketball Fashion" told Under the Radar. "And we're really talking about the youngsters that come in the league at that time, which is Dwayne Wade, LeBron James, Chris Bosh, Chris Paul. Those are the guys that started to embrace the new standards, or mandates, of the NBA Fashion."

Under the Radar speaks with Jackson to learn how fashion icons have emerged from an unlikely setting — the NBA.


Mitchell S. Jackson, Distinguished Professor in the Department of English at Arizona State University and author of "Fly: The Big Book of Basketball Fashion."