Today on Boston Public Radio:

We started the show hearing listeners' thoughts on “do nothing days.” Are they happier for setting aside time for nothing? Or are they dedicated to their to-do list?

Michael Curry, president and CEO of Massachusetts League of Community Health Centers, discussed the 300,000 people likely to be dropped from MassHealth this year, plus, the Black employees, vendors, and convention guests alleging discrimination by the Massachusetts Convention Center Authority.

Food policy writer Corby Kummer examined a case of "cookie espionage" at a shop in Central Square, the future of SNAP food assistance and the restaurant kitchen fee trend.

Evan Horowitz, executive director of The Center for State Policy Analysis, delved into Gov. HMaura ealey’s budget and tax package.

Christopher Muther, travel writer at The Boston Globe, discussed a new low-cost airline running from Boston to London this fall and how Montreal has embraced winter in the city.

The Revs. Irene Monroe and Emmett G. Price III discussed President Joe Biden’s visit to Selma to mark the 58th anniversary of Bloody Sunday, and whether religion can be our savior from A.I. and Pope Francis marking 10 years.

We asked listeners to weigh in on traveling with kids. How much would they throw down to snag an exclusive adults-only plane ride? What can airlines do to make travel more kid-friendly?