Tens of thousands of people are killed or injured due to gun violence every year in the United States, and there's much more to each story than just a gun.

Eric Gordon, director of the Engagement Lab at Emerson College said on Greater Boston that a new initiative called Transforming Narratives of Gun Violence aims to "think beyond the gun."

Emerson's Engagement Lab has partnered with the Louis D. Brown Peace Institute and the Gun Violence Prevention Center at Massachusetts General Hospital to tell the stories of gun violence that often aren't heard.

"We want to promote cycles of peace. Cycles of healing," Janice Johnson of the Louis D. Brown Peace Institute said. "Those are the narratives we want to put out."

Johnson said they aim to promote principles of forgiveness, unity, faith, hope, justice and courage.

"We're trying to create new stories," Gordon said. "We're trying to elevate stories that have already been told but are not being listened to, and we're trying to co-create possible futures."

Watch: Emerson College-based initiative is working to reshape narratives of gun violence