Today on Boston Public Radio:

E.J. Dionne discussed how the youth vote helped prevent a crushing defeat for Democrats on Election Day. He then offered some predictions on how a Republican-controlled Congress would govern in this political climate. He ended by discussing the waning enthusiasm around Donald Trump, just as Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis’s political prospects are rising. Dionne is an opinion columnist with the Washington Post.

EJ Dionne on BPR | Nov. 10, 2022

We then opened our phone lines to get out listeners’ opinions on why they think Democrats were able to limit their losses during the midterms.

Andrea Cabral offered her take on the issues that drove voters to the polls. Then she discussed how the Department of Justice is reportedly investigating U.S. Attorney Rachael Rollins for alleged ethics violations. She also discussed how Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson lost his election after holding the office for 25 years. Andrea Cabral is the former Suffolk County Sheriff and the former Secretary of Public Safety.

Andrea Cabral on BPR| Nov. 10, 2022

Andy Ihnatko came on to discuss how Elon Musk's unpredictable decision-making process is causing chaos at Twitter. Ihnatko discussed how Twitter's new blue-check mark subscription service is already leading to widespread confusion and the spread of misinformation. Ihnatko also warned that the exit of senior staff at the company has exposed users to potential security risks. Ihnatko is a tech blogger and writer.

Andy Ihnatko on BPR | Nov. 10. 2022

Comic Lenny Clarke joined to discuss his upcoming spot with the Comics Come Home, back for its 26th annual benefit show at TD Garden on Saturday. Clarke also discussed the importance of his Boston accent, how he learned to use the internet and explained that he wants to befriend Elon Musk so he can fulfill his lifelong dream of becoming an astronaut.

Lenny Clarke on BPR| Nov. 10, 2022

Hankus Netsky and Eden MacAdam-Somer from the New England Conservatory came on to discuss a free six-day festival celebrating 50 years of their contemporary music department. They also played some music as preview as to what can be expected at the festival. Netsky and MacAdam-Somer are co-chairs of the New England Conservatory’s Contemporary Musical Arts Department.

New England Conservatory on BPR | Nov. 10, 2022

We ended the show by taking our listeners’ calls about what types of longtime family traditions they’re ready to abandon now that the holidays are approaching.