What’s the best way to find an affordable apartment? Is it worth trying to buy a house in Massachusetts in this market?

GBH News reporter Sarah Betancourt will be joined by our guests Jason Gell and Dawn Ruffini to answer your housing questions. Gell is the past president of the Mass. Realtors' Association and will answer questions about rental housing, and his colleague Dawn Ruffini will answer questions about homebuying.

The #PricedOut housing Q&A will happen on Thursday, August 11 from noon to 2PM EST on the r/boston forum on Reddit.

The #PricedOut series from GBH News

GBH News' latest investigative series, #PricedOut, takes on the rapid rise in housing costs in Massachusetts: how we got here, who it affects most, and what can be done about it. Find the full #PricedOut series here, and let us know about your housing stories here.