The Supreme Court's overturning of Roe v. Wade has thrust into the spotlight comments from Justice Amy Coney Barrett and others, who say that adoption is a workable substitution for abortion. Experts on Greater Boston say that argument misses the mark.

"Yeah sure, women are just baby carriers for people who have $50,000 to spend, right? It's outrageous," quipped Adam Pertman, the president, CEO and founder of the National Center on Adoption & Permanency.

"It's a marketplace in which the people who have money will get what they want and everybody else can suffer from trauma," Pertman, who is an adoptive father, said.

Writer and adoptee Aimee Seiff Christian weighed in. "They've turned us into a commodity. We're not actually considered humans, we're not even considered babies, but a commodity," she said. "It's very clear that this is not about babies, it's about increasing the supply and demand of a thing. It's a business."

Christian said she experienced trauma growing up as an adoptee, and wishes her mother had been given a choice about what to do with her pregnancy.

Pertman said women who are forced to give their child up for adoption experience a lifetime of trauma as well, and long term, there will be more children in the foster care system.

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