This week on Under the Radar:

The country's recent racial reckoning has sparked a renewed interest in Juneteenth — nearly every state in the country recognizes the holiday, and this year many employers gave staffers the day off. But there is alarm that broader embrace of the holiday has sparked the worst kind of exploitive marketing and promotion. Local observances, however, are lifting up the meaning of Juneteenth and connecting the historic event to today’s racial reckoning.


Kahina Van Dyke, owner of Narragansett House, Dunmere By The Sea and Inkwell Beach House in Oak Bluffs, and creator of the Martha’s Vineyard Juneteenth Jubilee.

Skip Finley, author, writer, and one of the organizers of Martha’s Vineyard Juneteenth Jubilee. He is also director of sales and marketing for theVineyard Gazette Media Group.

Nicole McClain, founder and president of the Northshore Juneteenth Association.