Did you wake up to the pitter-patter of rain outside today? Before you leave the house, know that it won’t last all day. Dave Epstein joined GBH Morning Edition hosts Paris Alston and Jeremy Siegel this morning to talk about what Boston can expect today. This transcript has been edited for clarity and length.

Paris Alston: We got some light rain starting to come in. We can see it pitter-pattering on the New Balance parking lot here outside our Brighton studios. Is it going to stay like that, or will people regret not bringing their umbrella out with them today?

Dave Epstein: I think you'll regret not bringing the umbrella this morning for sure. Depending on where you are, it's either pouring or it's more of a gentle light rain. Glancing down at the radar, you get these little pockets where it's really light and then you get a heavy downpour that's going on until about 10 or 11 a.m., and then it shuts off.

It's another day similar to yesterday, lasting a little longer than it did yesterday. But by the end of the day, I think we'll see the sun.

Jeremy Siegel: I'm going to ask you to get probably more specific than you're comfortable doing, looking at your radars. Today I have dinner that's going to be outside at 5:30 p.m. Any idea if I'm going to be safe sitting outdoors, eating food at 5:30?

Epstein: That's an easy one. There's no way you're going to see any rain there. I think we’ll have good outdoor dining this afternoon. And I think actually, even if you had a late lunch, you're probably okay. The rain is shutting off pretty early here. It's probably a three or four-hour window where we get the heavy rain. And we do need it.

Alston: Speaking of some sunshine, what about the weekend? Even tomorrow, are we going to see the sun come back out?

Epstein: Tomorrow's absolutely glorious. If you can take Friday off or, quote unquote, work from home, it's a good day to be outside. It's going to be sunny all day long, approaching 80 in the afternoon. Low humidity, stunning morning. Tomorrow morning is going to be one of those mornings you're going to want to be on the golf course, walking, running, biking, walking the dog. Take advantage of the morning, tomorrow.

And then Saturday, right now, it’s a blend of clouds, some sunshine. There might be a sprinkle. It's not bad, but it won't be as bright as tomorrow.

Sunday will be partly sunny both days over the weekend, around 75, 78 on Saturday, maybe a couple of degrees cooler on Sunday, low humidity.

"Tomorrow's absolutely glorious. If you can take Friday off or, quote unquote, work from home, it's a good day to be outside."
-Dave Epstein

Siegel: Dave, I want you to take us into your weather room right now because this is like one of those sort of big mornings, right? When you're a meteorologist, where you're tracking what's going to end up happening here, do you have multiple screens you're looking at with with different radars coming in? What does that all look like?

Epstein: I'm using an app called Radar Scope. Anybody can download it. I actually pay for it. It's a great little app. All the meteorologists, or a lot of us, use it in the community because it gets really specific. It's live, up to a minute ago, and I can watch the rain area. You can loop it, you can pinpoint, you can actually see how much rain you've gotten on it as well. I think it might be $10 a year or something like that, and it's totally worth it. So that's what I use for rain and snow and all that stuff. I'm really using the phone with the radar app.