This week, President Joe Biden called on the Senate to pass crucial voting rights legislation, but many activists, such as Black Voters Matter Co-Founder LaTosha Brown, are pushing for further action to avoid potentially devastating repcurssions should the bills not pass, Brown told Jim Braude on Greater Boston Wednesday.

"The filibuster is a relic of the past and it has been used and weaponized in a way to stop and slow down civil rights and voting rights legislation historically," Brown said.

Brown said she is "begging" Biden to consider a carve-out of the filibuster and put pressure on senators to pass the voting rights bills. As difficult as that may be, Brown is optimistic.

"As tough and as terrible as things are now, you know, believe it or not, Jim, I think we have a remarkable opportunity. We have a remarkable opportunity to lean in and to get people engaged," Brown said.

"It has always been the committed few that have stood in a space on principle and continued to engage and move forward," she added. "That is really how transformation happens. That is how change happens."

Watch: LaTosha Brown calls on Biden to do more to expand and protect voting rights