Maya Jonas-Silver is a new world record holder, smashing the record for fastest T subway travel. She made it to every single station on the Green, Blue, Orange and Red Lines in 7 hours, 4 minutes, and 29 seconds, shattering the old record by 25 minutes.

She stopped by Greater Boston on Monday to talk about how she trained for the long, long commute and what kept her going.

“I did a total, I think all in all, of about three miles of running — which many people who are runners would say is not that much,” Jonas-Silver said. “But for me, it was going from a very low capacity to run to being able to do that all in one day.”

She shouted out her friends who helped her train and even rode the T with her when the big day came.

Documenting every step was key to officially break the record, which is still pending Guinness’ World Records approval, so the seven hours were pretty busy as Jonas-Silver kept track of her route and transfers.

“It was pretty busy. Last week, people were asking me, like, ‘Are you loaded up on podcasts?’” she said. “And I was like, I don’t think I’m having time for any podcasts.”

The journey doubled as a Boston swan song for Jonas-Silver, who grew up in Dorchester and moves to New York City with her fiancé next week.