BOSTON (AP) — Complaints about alcohol being delivered to beaches in South Boston prompted a reminder from the state that it’s not allowed to deliver “to go” beverages to state parks or beaches.

In a meeting and advisory this month, the Massachusetts Licensing Board reminded institutions with certain kinds of liquor licenses that they are not allowed to deliver alcohol to public beaches, the Boston Globe reported Monday.

In an advisory dated June 16, the board said police and elected officials, “have received numerous quality of life and public safety complaints in South Boston resulting from the delivery of alcohol to public spaces including, but not limited to, parks and beaches.”

There were also reports that those making the deliveries did not check identification and delivered alcohol to intoxicated people, the advisory said. The board also called an emergency hearing on June 10 for all relevant license holders.

There were no major alcohol related problems this past weekend following the advisory, officials said.

“We have had a significant presence on the South Boston beaches each weekend and any weekdays when the beaches have been crowded,” said David Procopio, State Police spokesperson, told the newspaper.