After 462 days, Gov. Baker lifted the state of emergency for Massachusetts that he declared last March in response to the coronavirus pandemic. What does this mean for residents? Is it all over? In for Jim Braude, Sue O’Connell was joined by Dr. Cassandra Pierre, acting hospital epidemiologist at Boston Medical Center and Dr. Jeremy Faust, an emergency physician at Brigham & Women’s Hospital.

“I think we actually are in a good spot at this moment. This does seem to be the right move at this time,” Pierre said about reopening. Still, vaccinating underserved populations remains a priority. “There continues to be access problems, as much as we think we’ve saturated all potential avenues for giving vaccines.”

Faust also stressed the importance of vaccination, as the more transmissible Delta strain spreads. “The way to avoid having to go back to some of these restrictions and mitigation measures, is to keep the vaccination numbers going up and up,” he said.

WATCH: The state of emergency in Massachusetts is over. Now what?