With restrictions relaxing this summer, couples will have more options for weddings.

Kelly Golia, owner of Kelly Golia Events, said that she typically plans 8-12 weddings, depending on their size. Last year, she had just five as many were postponed or canceled. The ones that did go on were social distanced, outdoors and with fewer guests. This year, she has 17 events so far. Even though some guest lists are approaching the numbers they were before the pandemic, Golia thinks smaller weddings will also hold on.

"People are ready to celebrate again," Golia said. "I think more and more couples are going to have the smaller wedding. I think it showed people that they can be just as special. Even if you have 150 or 200 people that you could invite, I think more couples are going to keep things more intimate going forward."

Speaking of more intimate, that's what Julianne Boyd says will be the name of the game this summer at Pittsfield's Barrington Stage Company. Boyd, the company's artistic director, said the theater is planning both indoor and outdoor performances this summer. For indoor shows, the theater was set up to accommodate a third of its capacity before the state announced indoor performance venues could eventual accommodate 50% capacity. But Barrington is sticking with the lower capacity for now, Boyd said, as they navigate this new normal.

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