For the last two months, mobile vaccination clinics run by UMass Memorial Healthcare have been bringing vaccines to the people.

According to Dr. John Broach, who works at and runs these clinics, recepients include homebound seniors, shift workers and communities of color.

Broach said the only way the commonwealth be able to vaccinate as many people as possible is to first recognize that not everyone can reach brick-and-mortar vaccine centers.

"I think it's important to be careful when we set that goal to remember that there are lots of people for whom getting the vaccine, for them, is not as efficient as going to a mass vaccination site," Broach said. "And while those sites are super important to get large numbers vaccinated and to achieve some level of herd immunity, the places that I think are going to be the most focus ... the places that take a little bit more resources, and the places that really require lots of person hours and resources to go into to find somebody in their home, find communities that otherwise somewhat isolated and really try to make sure we distribute the vaccine equitable."

And today marks the eighth anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings. We look back and remember with Jack Fultz, a longtime training advisor for the Dana-Farber Boston Marathon team and the winner of the 1976 Boston Marathon. We also look ahead to this year's race in October, which is sure to look like no other in history.

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Jack Fultz - 13:38