We've spent a fair amount of time talking about the rough times we may be facing with the pandemic in the upcoming winter.

But tonight, we heard about some of the more fun things the cold weather brings, even in a pandemic.

We talked with Carolyn Stimpson, co-owner of the Wachusett Mountain Ski Area, which opened just over a week ago. The ski area is ready for a COVID-safe season.

Then, we checked back in with GBH executive Arts Editor Jared Bowen. Even with the pandemic, we have some holiday favorites, and new work and exhibits to look forward to.

Lastly, GBH's Meg Woolhouse reports on how parents are processing mixed messages from the state and health officials on whether in-person school is safe right now.


Carolyn Stimpson - 1:43
Meg Woolhouse - 10:23
Jared Bowen - 16:29