Since March, the show has not gone on at concert venues and music halls around the world.

This means the millions of people who earn a living from playing music have been left not only without a source of income, but also, without an outlet for their creativity and passion.

Tonight we heard from two musicians who have been struggling these last eight months. Both received grants from the New England Musicians Relief Fund, which is soliciting donations right now for their new round of grants.

First, we talked with Mike Rivard, a local musician and music teacher who is also the founder of the local mainstay Club d'Elf. He also regularly plays bass for the Boston Pops. He said he sees hopeful for a future in music, but is worried about what the pandemic will do to the local, smaller venues that are critical to the scene.

Then, we talked with Allyson Michal, a professional violinist. She plays with the Hartford Symphony, Portland Symphony Orchestra, and the Rhode Island Philharmonic Orchestra. Her husband is also a professional musician. Allyson had dedicated her entire career to music, but because of the pandemic has decided to pursue a different career as a nurse. She said she is hopeful that she will be able to play music professionally again, just not full-time.


Mike Rivard - 2:03
Allyson Michal - 16:17