Today on Boston Public Radio:

– NBC “Meet the Press” moderator Chuck Todd weighed in on the latest headlines around November’s elections, and President Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

– GBH News’ Adam Reilly discussed new GBH News/MassINC polling on voter attitudes around the 2021 Boston mayoral race.

– We opened lines to ask listeners: Is it time for leaders in the science and medical communities to call out President Trump’s reckless statements on coronavirus and climate change?

– Former Suffolk County Sheriff and Secretary of Public Safety Andrea Cabral discussed the recent settlement reached between the city of Louisville, Ky., and the family of Breonna Taylor, as well as last week’s study from Harvard Law School on stark racial disparities in the Massachusetts justice system.

– Harvard Business School behavioral economist Michael Norton discussed research on leisure, and what we know about those of us who have a hard time letting loose. We also opened lines to hear your thoughts on active and inactive leisure time.

– Shannon O’Brien, former Massachusetts treasurer and advisory board member of the Brookline-based voting app Voatz, discussed growing interest in online voting, and the pros and cons of current online voting systems.

– Travel guru Rick Steves called in to reflect on a series journals he wrote as a teenage traveling “urchin,” and discuss how traveling has shaped his worldview.

– We opened lines to talk with listeners about what Rick Steves describes as the “traveler’s mindset,” and ask: Have you been able to use the coronavirus pandemic to discover new things about the places around you?