On Monday, gyms and fitness centers were given the go-ahead to open for the first time in four months. But the gym experience now is different from what we remember from before the pandemic. We checked in with two studio owners who are taking two different approaches to reopening.

Worcester Fitness, a family-owned gym in Worcester, opened up on Monday for the first time since March. They worked tirelessly over the weekend to get everything in order so they could safely welcome back their guests Monday morning.

O2 Yoga in Somerville has not reopened, and according to founder and owner Mimi Loureiro, it won't be happening anytime soon. But the studio is continuing and growing its online space, including virtual classes on Zoom.


Andy Sharry, fitness director of Worcester Fitness - 1:52
Mimi Loureiro, founder and owner of O2 Yoga - 15:16