We heard from Bill and Linda Wrinn of Gloucester. Linda is a speech pathologist at a nursing home in Peabody. Since March, she's had to quarantine away from her family because some of her patients had the coronavirus. While she never got sick, she didn't want to bring the virus home to her family. In an effort to help her and their teenage daughter cope with the change, Bill re-framed Linda's quarantine, instead choosing to treat her as a hotel guest at the Bennet Street Hill Inn and Bistro, named after the street where the family lives. Bill created and cooked a different dinner menu every night for Linda, while their 12-year-old daughter, Veila, took care of the housekeeping. Linda's been in quarantine away from her family for over 70 days in an RV in the family's driveaway, but there's a chance on Monday that she may finally be able to reunite and hug them again.

Then, we spoke with Dr. Ashish Jha, from Harvard's School of Public Health, about testing capacity in Massachusetts and the lack of federal oversight when it comes to the coronavirus response nationwide.


Bill and Linda Wrinn: 1:38
Dr. Ashish Jha: 16:28