Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker has signed an executive order requiring residents to wear masks or other face coverings when inside retail or grocery stores or while taking public transportation.

“A significant portion of the people who carry the COVID-19 virus never show symptoms even though they are contagious,” Baker said. “As we continue to think about the future and the new normal, covering faces is an easy and simple step everyone can take.”

The order will take effect May 6.

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Baker said that there is cause for cautious optimism in the latest numbers for infections and hospitalizations for COVID-19.

While Massachusetts continues to see near-record numbers of infections, deaths and hospitalizations for COVID-19, the state has seen those numbers decline, slightly, for the past three days, the governor said.

As of Thursday, 3,803 — about six percent of all known COVID-19 cases — were hospitalized, Baker said.

Meanwhile, Baker said, hospital capacity remains sufficient for medical workers to treat current cases and provide regular emergency services as well.

Baker said residents must do their part by continuing to practice social distancing and by wearing face masks or other face coverings while outside.

The state also continues to ramp up testing efforts, including a partnership with Quest Diagnostics, which is providing increased testing at community health centers around the state.

New testing services are opening at community health centers in Lynn, Holyoke, South Boston and the North Shore, he added.