On tonight's show, host Arun Rath learned more about how community health centers in Massachusetts are aiding in stemming the spread of the coronavirus.

It's hard to fathom in 2020, but there are still areas of Massachusetts with no internet connectivity or unreliable service. First, we heard how widespread the problem is, why it exists and what can be done to solve it. Then, we checked in with a school district in Berkshire County on how they are adapting during this pandemic. Internet connectivity is spotty in Berkshire County, which makes virtual learning more difficult.

Finally, with non-essential businesses now closed until May 18, local stores across the state are hurting. We heard how two bookstores are managing and adapting in this time.


Michael Curry, Massachusetts League of Community Health Centers — 2:17
Waide Warner, Harvard's Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society — 15:34
Beth Regulbuto, Southern Berkshire Regional School District — 23:12
Leila Meglio, Porter Square Books — 35:34
Caroline Harvey, Dogtown Books — 45:09