Gov. Charlie Baker said Saturday that whenever Massachusetts lifts the statewide stay-at-home advisory that has been in place since March 24, people will still be expected to wear masks or other face-coverings when they are out in public.

Baker's order expires May 4 — a date he said was based on an anticipation that the surge of cases in Massachusetts would arrive a bout two weeks earlier than it did — and he has not yet said whether the advisory will be extended.

Baker said any decision to roll back the advisory will require data showing that the state is past the surge in coronavirus infections, and also "putting the rules for reopening and engagement in place, which I'll have a lot more to say about next week."

But he added that even after the stay-at-home advisory is lifted, people will still have to be wearing face masks to prevent spreading infection to others.

"I certainly believe that whatever the rules of the road look like for reopening, masks and face coverings are going to be a big part of it. Have to be," Baker said.

Baker spoke to reporters after touring a factory in East Longmeadow, Mass. that game-maker Hasbro has converted from making games to manufacturing face shields to donate to health care workers around the state.

So far, the state remains in the surge of COVID-19 infections, registering around 2000 new cases a day; Baker has repeatedly said he would not begin reopening non-essential businesses until new cases have been in decline for about two weeks.

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