Host Arun Rath talks about the news of the day with Dr. Daniel Kuritzkes from Brigham and Women's Hospital.

Next, we have our regular segment "The Check-In" with reporter Tori Bedford, on what she is hearing from listeners who called in.

Then, we hear from runner Matthew Coleman who's running 26.2 miles tomorrow around his block in Boston to raise money for the Greater Boston Food Bank.

Next, we hear from Kate Preissler, director of the Wistariahurst, a Holyoke history site and cultural center. In this pandemic, she's now been tasked with being the city's public information officer for its emergency management operations.

We end the show with a conversation with writer and author Greg O'Brien about living with Alzheimer's in this pandemic,


Dr. Daniel Kritzkes - 2:25
Tori Bedford - 11:52
Matthew Coleman - 2:05
Kate Preissler - 34:05
Greg O'Brien - 47:00