On Tuesday, travel writer Christopher Muther called in to Boston Public Radio to recap his recent piece in the Boston Globe, where he reviewed several freeze-dried meals with the help of his “co-worker slash roommate,” Mrs. Davenport.

“She’s also a cat,” Muther noted.

“With all the warnings about supermarkets and going out, I thought 'this is what doomsday preppers do,'" he explained. "They’ve got a lot of freeze dried meals around, so I thought I’d try a bunch. My husband had absolutely no interest in them, so , you know — I can’t call my friends over to help... so the lovely Mrs. Davenport assisted me in taste-testing.”

The best of the meals, Muther said, was the beef stroganoff, which he rated a four out of 10. Mrs. Davenport, apparently, was also a fan.

"I had to pull her away from the bowl after a couple of bites, ‘cause she was gonna finish that thing up," he said.