Officials told WGBH News Thursday that the U.S. Coast Guard Station in Boston will remain fully operational during the COVID-19 outbreak and the station stands ready to respond to any maritime emergency calls.

More than 1,500 active duty, reserve, and auxiliary members of the U.S. Coast Guard are stationed in Sector Boston to oversee the coastal safety and security of Massachusetts. Those duties include responding to distress calls at sea, sea law enforcement and harbor security.

Petty Officer Nicole Groll said that health protection measures are in place at the station to keep Coast Guard personnel and the public safe.

Guard members "have been issued PPE or personal protective equipment and are practicing social distancing rules," Groll said.

The station, located on Commercial Street in the North End, is a secure facility and closed to visitors. It also serves as the regional command center for coastal security under the Department of Homeland Security.