On Friday, WGBH's A Celtic Sojourn host Brian O’Donovan, joined by multi-instrumentalist Torrin Ryan, stopped by the WGBH Boston Public Library studios to promote the 12th annual St. Patrick’s Day Celtic Sojourn, taking place at Harvard University’s Sanders Theatre for two shows on March 16, and once at Beverly's Cabot Street Cinema Theatre on March 17.

“Really, for Irish traditional music, there is so much going on,” O’Donovan said. "It’s so vibrant and so vital — not archival, not dusty. Perhaps, to a lot of people, it’s not your father’s St. Patrick's Day anymore. There’s a lot of youthful exuberance to [the music], and I just put it all on stage and bring it together and invite people to be part of a party."

Ryan and O'Donovan also took part in Boston Public Radio’s weekly news quiz, and Ryan played a series of pieces on the uilleann pipes, a traditional Irish bagpipe.