On Tuesday, NBC Sports Boston reporter Trenni Kusnierek joined Boston Public Radio to discuss an uncomfortable new reality for Patriots fans: Tom Brady, the free agent.

While Brady does not officially become a free agent until March 18, meetings he has had with various NFL managers and owners (not named Belichick or Kraft) have only fueled rampant speculation as to where the quarterback might end up next season.

“[This is] typical of a free agent,” Kusnierek said, referencing a recent meeting Brady took with Las Vegas Raiders owner Mark Davis.

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“Local reporters have been reporting this for a while,” Kusnierek said, "that Tom Brady has been, at the very least, disillusioned the last few years with his contract, the terms of his contract, the length of it… . The pieces they’ve put around him. He has certainly been frustrated.”

In an interview Sunday with Westwood One’s Jim Gray, the six-time Super Bowl champion said, "I’m open minded about the process, and at the same time I love playing football and I wanna continue to play and do a good job… . I’m looking forward to what’s ahead, whatever the future may bring.”

“You knew all season that this could happen,” Kusnierek said. “You knew it was most likely going to happen, but when it’s actually here and you see him… .I just think for fans, it’s jarring.”