Members of the state's congressional delegation ramped up their calls in recent days for federal regulators to intervene and reconsider approval for a controversial natural gas project planned for Weymouth.

Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey, who filed a bill that would prohibit construction of a compressor station such as the one in question that would help transport gas abroad, on Wednesday urged the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to reopen its permitting process rather than grant energy giant Enbridge a notice to proceed with construction.

They argued that the project is no longer necessary after several utilities either withdrew their contracts from the project or said they do not need the additional capacity it will bring to meet customer needs.

"The construction and operation of this facility would cause significant residual adverse effects in the Weymouth community, and we urge FERC to acknowledge in its review of the needs assessment that this facility is unjustifiable and unneeded by natural gas customers," Warren and Markey wrote in a letter to the office.

Over the weekend, U.S. Rep. Joe Kennedy III — who is challenging Markey in a primary race — visited the site and called for a similar halt by regulators, echoing a letter he penned alongside fellow Congressman Stephen Lynch.

"The unique risks this project poses to the surrounding community of homes, schools, and a water treatment site, compounded by the recent revelations that there's not even demand for it, should be taken seriously," Kennedy said.

Massachusetts regulators have approved every state permit and review needed for the compressor to advance.