Updated at 4:51 p.m.

A recount is now officially underway to determine who will win the fourth at-large seat on the Boston City Council.

Following the Nov. 5 city election, Julia Mejia had an eight-vote lead over her opponent Alejandra St. Guillen, according to the city’s latest vote count, prompting a recount request supported by both candidates. The final vote count was 22,500 for Mejia and 22,492 for St. Guillen, according to the Boston Election Department.

Both Mejia and St. Guillen submitted petitions last week containing the required 50 registered voter signatures from each of the city’s 22 wards — over 2,000 signatures in all — to the Boston Board of Election Commissioners to initiate the recount process. The board approved both candidates' petitions Wednesday.

According to election officials, ballots will be unpacked on Dec. 5 and 6 and the recount will take place the weekend of Dec. 7 and 8, continuing on Monday if necessary. The location for the recount has yet to be announced.

St. Guillen originally conceded to Mejia on the evening of the election. However, she changed her stance once it became clear the differential was so small. Mejia celebrated her victory on the evening of the election, but later stated her support for a recount.

Either Mejia and St. Guillen will be the first Latina on the Boston City Council and will join the first majority female council in the city’s history — sitting in the at-large position currently held by Althea Garrison, who came in seventh in the at-large race.

"We are proud of the energy of our volunteer force that came together to trigger this recount," St. Guillen Campaign Manager Jessica Bahena said in a statement. "We are now focusing on getting our team together to monitor a full hand recount of each and every ballot.”

Eldin L. Villafañe, a spokesperson for Mejia's campaign, said in a statement they are "excited to witness democracy in action."

"We're prepared for the next step in this recount process, as we continue to demonstrate the power of the vote in every election," Villafañe said.

At Wednesday’s public hearing, the Board of Election Commissioners also officially certified the other results of the Nov. 5 election.