Ride share pickup lots at Logan Airport will be moved to the airport's Central Parking Garage starting Oct. 28.

Transportation experts Chris Dempsey and Jim Aloisi joined Boston Public Radio on Tuesday to discuss this change, the latest failures on the Orange Line, and how to pay for the massive infrastructure investments they say are needed to bring the MBTA into the 21st century.

Both Dempsey and Aloisi said they are generally supportive of the centralized ride share pickup and drop-off location.

"This is not a major inconvenience for people relative to the impact that Uber and Lyft are having on the airport congestion in East Boston," said Dempsey. "We need to find ways to centralize that to make it more efficient so that everybody benefits from a better experience."

Aloisi said while he supports the move, it doesn't go far enough to make airport traffic flow more efficient.

"I think what Massport's doing, frankly, is timid. I think it should include taxis ... it should cover all ride sharing ride hailing."

Jim Aloisi is the state's former transportation secretary and Chris Dempsey is director of transportation for Massachusetts.