On Tuesday, several Massachusetts vape shop owners argued their case in Boston federal court about why they say Gov. Charlie Baker’s four-month ban on vaping products is a bad policy and should be overturned.

Dr. John Winickoff, the former chair of the American Academy of Pediatrics Tobacco Consortium and a pediatrician at Mass General, however, supports Baker’s decision, and said the science backs him up.

“He has the medical community. I think he has science on his side, but it’s hard sometimes to take that political risk when you know that there are a lot of campaign contributions [and] a lot of powerful people in business who will oppose you,” Winickoff said during an interview with Boston Public Radio on Tuesday.

According to Winickoff, vaping is a much more dangerous alternative to smoking. He said a few drops of vaping liquid can contain more nicotine than an entire pack of cigarettes. As such, he’s applauded those like Baker and Attorney General Maura Healey for taking stands against vape device manufacturers, and holding them accountable for pushing an unregulated product into the marketplace.

“[Healey] has done an incredible job shutting down the websites and the illegal products flowing in through the web,” Winickoff said. “Her office is an absolute bulldog when it comes to shutting down these companies and taking them to task.”