The attorney for Fall River Mayor Jasiel Correia appeared at a bail review hearing at the Moakley Federal courthouse in Boston Friday to dispute a no-contact order with several witnesses listed in the recent federal corruption case against him.

Correia wasn't present at the hearing, but his attorney, Kevin Reddington, appeared in court before Magistrate Judge Donald Cabell, to say he took issue with some of the names included on the witness list.

Last week, Correia was arrested for a second time on federal charges. In this latest round of charges, prosecutors have accused him of extorting cash from marijuana vendors in the city of Fall River. In October 2018, Correia was charged with wire and tax fraud.

Correia was released after he posted $25,000 of a $250,000 secured bond. But as part of a condition of his release, the U.S. Attorney's office barred Correia from having direct and indirect contact with 27 witnesses listed in the case.

Reddington told the judge he took issue with six names on the list.

After a private conference between Reddington, U.S. Attorney Zachary Hafer and another lawyer, a resolution was reached, but terms of the compromise remain confidential, according to Reddington. "We were able to hash out a couple of issues with a couple of people on the keep-away [list] if you will, and resolve it," Reddington said. "We reported that to the judge."

Correia has been under increasing pressure to resign after the Fall River City Council voted to oust him Wednesday.

Reddingtgon says the order by the Fall River City Council has no legal merit and defended the mayor saying he's not stepping down. "He's innocent and he's entitled to that presumption legally, and he's entitled to a trial," Reddington said.