Spring Hill Water, a bottled water company in Haverhill, Massachusetts, is shutting down. This comes after the company’s spring water was found to have elevated levels of chemicals known as PFAS that have been linked to numerous health problems.

A month ago, Massachusetts officials warned that infants as well as pregnant and breastfeeding women should not drink bottled spring water from Spring Hill Water. The state did not order the product pulled from shelves.

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A week and a half ago, WGBH News was the first to report the contaminated water was being sold across New England under various brand names, including Whole Foods’ 365 Spring Water and Stop & Shop’s Acadia Spring Water. Various media outlets, including The Boston Globe and USA Today, followed with similar stories.

Spring Hill Water said in a statement on Friday that while it has fixed the problem, the adverse media coverage and the potential for changing regulations are forcing them to close the 117-year-old family business.

In a letter addressed to Spring Hill customers, owner Harold Rogers said he was confident the tests taken after the new filtration system was installed would show that their water would have "negligible or no levels of PFAS."

But, he continued that the "continued adverse media" and the "fluctuations in regulations and levels among different states and the federal government" contributed to the decision to close the business.