Attorney General Maura Healey said on Tuesday that her office has launched a criminal investigation into Springfield based company Westfield Transport. Westfield Transport is the company that employed Volodymyr Zhukovskyy, the driver in a crash that killed seven motorcyclists in New Hampshire in June.

Zhukovskyy was driving while out on a $2,500 bond for a drunk driving arrest in Connecticut and had a history of driving infractions on his record. Shortly after the crash, it was revealed that Zhukovskyy was not the only driver granted a Massachusetts driver's license with several infractions on his record. The Registry of Motor Vehicles later disclosed that hundreds of other driver’s were granted licenses, despite being mailed notifications from other states about their driving records.

While Healey couldn't divulge many details about the investigation because it is ongoing, she did say the RMV should accept responsibility for the crash.

“What happened here is outrageous. It should not happen,” Healey said during an interview with Boston Public Radio. “The RMV is absolutely the front line of defense, and it’s clear there were all sorts of deficiencies there that require further review and investigation. That’s a real problem, and it needs to be addressed right now.”

Following the crash, Zhukovskyy was arrested at his West Springfield home and charged with seven counts of negligent homicide.