As a kid growing up on the North Shore, I knew Tom Ellis. Not personally. But whenever there was a snow storm, Ellis was the one we watched to find out if we had school or not. He was just plain likable, with that deep-throated, authoritative delivery, which paired well with his quick laugh and eye twinkle. We knew him as well as we knew our teachers. He was one of the greats, right up there with the other personalities we spent breakfast, dinner and bedtime with — Chet, Nat, Dick, R.D. — he was in great company.

Not long after Ellis retired from Boston broadcasting in 2009, I had the opportunity to interview him. It wasn’t some quick thing, like they do in TV. We sat together for a full half-hour in the studios at WGBH’s sister station, WCAI in Woods Hole. The show was called The Point, and Ellis was exactly as I expected — funny and full of stories. We talked about his early years in Texas, how he came to broadcasting, and what he thought about the Boston media scene he was leaving behind. He seemed satisfied with the work he’d done, but eager to spend time in retirement with his family.

Sean Corcoran's 2009 Interview With Tom Ellis

I dug out this interview when I heard about Ellis’ passing. It’s not easy to find interviews with Ellis, because he usually was the one asking the questions. But listening back, it’s good to hear his voice. We’re reposting this so you can enjoy his stories, too. It’s like sitting comfortably with an old friend, enjoying the rhythms of their familiar speech as they tell us about their life.

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