Today on the show:

  • Chuck Todd, the moderator of "Meet the Press," host of "Meet the Press Daily" on MSNBC, and the political director of NBC News, brought us the latest national news on the Green New Deal and more.
  • We opened up the lines and asked our listeners about the news that Elizabeth Warren took more liberties with her Native American ancestry. If you're a Democrat, how forgiving are you of a 2020 candidate's flaws?
  • Anchor and reporter with NBC Sports Boston, Trenni Kusnierek, recapped her trip to Atlanta for the Super Bowl.
  • The state's highest court upheld the conviction of Michelle Carter, a young woman who encouraged her boyfriend through text messages to commit suicide. Andrea Cabral, former Suffolk County Sheriff, former state Secretary of Public Safety, and CEO of Ascend, analyzed the ruling.
  • Is social media making it easier for children to access pornography? Gail Dines, president and CEO of Culture Reframed, a professor emerita of sociology at Wheelock College and the author of “Pornland: How Porn has Hijacked Our Sexuality,"weighed in.
  • Education was not mentioned a single time in President Donald Trump's State of the Union address earlier this week. Paul Reville, former state Secretary of Education and a professor at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education (where he also runs the Education Redesign Lab), discussed the omission.
  • Dr. Nassir Ghaemi, a professor of psychiatry at Tufts University and a lecturer on psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, discussed his book "A First Rate Madness" about leadership and mental illness.
  • A handful of Boston restaurants opened up their patios on the unseasonably warm day of the Patriots victory parade — and were cited by police. We opened up the lines and asked our listeners: Is the city incapable of having fun?