• Ayanna Pressley campaigned on the slogan “Change Can’t wait” and voters agreed. In addition to Pressley’s historic upset, change couldn’t come soon enough for the state house either with with longtime, high ranking reps — Byron Rushing and Jeffrey Sanchez getting voted out of office. We opened the lines to ask you: Who else is vulnerable? And what, in this era of insurgent unrest, is the standard for being considered part of the establishment old guard?
  • Canada’s foreign minister returned to DC today to revisit NAFTA negotiations. Groundtruth Project co-founder and WGBH News Analyst Charlie Sennott joined us to go over that and more.
  • Then National Security analyst Juliette Kayyem joined us to talk about the Mueller investigation and more.
  • Two hundred years of Brazil’s heritage, culture, and memory have gone up in flames with a fire gutting the country’s oldest museum-- destroying an estimated 20 million items along the way. WGBH’s Executive Arts Editor Jared Bowen joined us in studio to talk about this, the challenges facing Boston’s new Arts Tzar and how the new Muppet movie has put the “street” in Sesame Street.
  • Then a Primary Day post-mortem with Media Mavel and host of NECN’s The Take, Sue O’Connell.
  • A significant political shift is happening and the Massachusetts primary is part of it, proving that establishment politics is becoming passe. Ayanna Pressley unseated Mike Capuano without the backing of Deval Patrick or John Lewis on a campaign that was all about change--not just the need for change in DC, but a changing demographic that demands a new kind of leadership. We opened the lines and asked you if you’re part of this change, or if you think there is a place for the seasoned politician?
  • What can Boston learn from Copenhagen cycling structure? Melissa and Chris Bruntlett are the authors of the new book: Building the Cycling City: The Dutch blueprint for Community Vitality.

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