An uncertain future looms over the single post office serving Boston's Charlestown neighborhood, after owners of the Bunker Hill Mall said they plan to terminate their lease agreement with the post office and instead allow a CVS to expand into the space.

Stephen Doherty, a spokesperson for the United States Postal Service, acknowledged in an email to WGBH News that, "The landlord has made known his intent to terminate our lease at the end of the year."

Doherty added: "There are several milestone activities to come, including final discussions with our current landlord on alternative space prospects and the scheduling of a public meeting, should we need to explore additional facility opportunities. We should know about the need for such a meeting shortly and expect one in September if necessary."

"We will continue to press forward toward a solution that will provide our Charlestown neighbors with the first class service they deserve," he said.

Owners of the Bunker Hill Mall, however, did not refer to any "final talks" over the post office's current space.

Leslie Medalie, a spokesperson for the Bunker Hill Mall, confirmed in an email that a CVS will be expanding into the space.

"We realize that the Post Office is an important part of the community providing many services," Medalie wrote. "Area residents should be aware that at this time there are multiple UPS and FedEx drop box locations (including one in Ace Hardware) throughout town and that passport photos and stamp purchases can be done at the local CVS."

State Representative Dan Ryan told WGBH News he knew the post office had been negotiating with Bunker Hill Mall owners, and that he hopes the Postal Service can find a way to stay within the mall — but that either way the Postal Service maintains a Charlestown post office somewhere.

"It's a very convenient location. I think it's really good for the mall. I think it brings a lot of foot traffic into that mall. I don't think it's for lack of use, I think it's the reality of the real estate market right now," Ryan said. "You forget what you have until someone is threatening to take it away then all of a sudden you go, 'Oh my God, we can't go without that,' you know?"

"We are really cut off from the rest of the city, and we really need a local post office," he added.