In a special encore segment of Under the Radar with Callie Crossley we revisit one of our favorite stories celebrating the women who left housework for labor jobs on the Charlestown Navy Yard during World War 2.

Rosie the Riveter isn’t just a cultural icon. She is the symbol for the millions of women who took over the jobs left behind by men fighting in World War II. Every year our local branch of the National Park Service honors these so-called SWONs — the Shipbuilding Women of the Navy — in a weekend-long celebration at the Charlestown Navy Yard called Rosies Invade the Yard. This year's event will take place Saturday and Sunday August 11 and 12.


Maria Cole, supervisory park ranger for the Boston National Historical Park.

Jocelyn Gould, park ranger in the Division of Interpretation and Education at Boston National Historical Park.

You can find out more about this year's Rosies Invade The Yard here!

BONUS: Check out some archival photos and news clippings featuring the SWONs here!

Thank you to the National Park Service, the Boston National Historical Park and the archives of the Boston Globe and the Shipyard News for the pictures and clippings.