Do Florida’s Gun Control Measures Signal Movement On The National Level?
Florida passed a gun control bill, but is there any hope for action on the national stage? Andrea Campbell, a Democrat and president of the Boston City Council, and Jennifer Nassour, former Chair of the Massachusetts Republican Party and founder of Conservative Women for a Better Future, joined Jim Braude to discuss.
J.W. Carney, Attorney For Winchester Stabbing Suspect Talks Case & Client’s Mental State
The more we learn about the man accused of fatally stabbing a woman in a Winchester library last month, the more disturbing the case becomes. Jeffrey Yao’s attorney, J.W. Carney Jr joined Jim Braude to discuss.
Chance Meeting Gives High School Player New Perspective On Dangers Of Football
When researchers shared their finding that it’s not just concussions, but regular hits to the head that can trigger the degenerative brain disease known as CTE, they hoped it would resonate with one group in particular: high school football players. Stephanie Leydon shows us what happened when one of those football players unexpectedly showed up on a Boston University CTE researcher’s door.
IMHO: Saving By Shaving
Jim Braude shares his thoughts on an inspiring event in Quincy – where Tom Brady wasn’t the only MVP of the day.