When international travel to the U.S. fell last year, many blamed the so-called “Trump Slump” — arguing that the President’s low approval ratings overseas are to blame for the drop in tourism. But as the country continues to face mass shootings, like the Florida school shooting last week, it seems gun violence might be playing a role. After the mass shooting that left 58 concert-goers dead in Las Vegas last October, Germany warned its people to avoid the city. And Australia tells its citizens, “the United States has more violent crime” than it does, and that “mass shootings can occur in public places.” Last year, tourism fell by 4% and the U.S. fell  from the second-most visited country in the world, to the third. 

Boston Globe Travel Columnist Christopher Muther joined Jim Braude to discuss whether a gun slump is the cause of the tourism decline, and other travel issues.